More home owners than ever are seeing the advantages of replacing lawn areas by incorporating micro clover seed. Micro Clover is a clover plant that belongs to the genus of plants called Trifolium. Like all other clovers, Micro Clover is a legume. It takes nitrogen from the air and fixes it with the assistance of bacteria in root nodules, which converts it into a form that is usable by plants. This directly benefits grasses by fertilizing the soil naturally.
Microclover - A Beneficial Choice

Because clover grows so densely, it crowds out weeds, and prevents weed seeds from becoming established. Healthier grasses maintain a richer colour for longer in the season. Micro clover is a smaller variety of White Clover that grows lower to the ground and has fewer flowers.

A Natural Fertilizer & Weed Suppressor
This tiny white clover spreads densely and evenly. It can be planted on its own, or paired with grass seeds, where it acts as a natural fertilizer, erosion stabilizer and weed suppressor for a lush, self-sustaining lawn.

Micro Clover – A Beneficial Lawn Choice - White Clover

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Tough Enough For Children & Pets
Micro Clover shows a vegetative elasticity in response to repeated mowing as its growth form changes over time. When it is mowed, its leaves grow tiny and numerous, with fewer flowers than conventional clovers. It can be mowed shorter than typical lawn grasses, and it’s tough enough for children and pets to play on. Studies show that it also becomes established faster than grass seeds.

Micro Clover – A Beneficial Lawn Choice - Mowing

A Drought Tolerant Lawn Choice
Micro Clover is highly drought tolerant. It is estimated that it requires up to 25% less watering for it to stay green. Your lawn will keep its greener and lusher look throughout the spring and summer. Say goodbye to the brown patches associated with conventional lawns when it gets hot!


Micro Clover – A Beneficial Lawn Choice - Watering

Eco-friendly & Attractive
Micro Clover is a tidy, attractive option for homeowners who want a sustainable, eco-friendly and low-maintenance yard. It needs less fertilizer and mowing than most lawn grasses. This means it keeps your lawn looking greener and lusher throughout the spring and summer.

Micro Clover – A Beneficial Lawn Choice - Seed

How to Sow Micro Clover
Sowing clover is as simple as sowing grass seed and can be done when establishing a new lawn or filling in bare spots in an old lawn. The best time to plant is in the spring so that the roots have plenty of time to develop before the cold sets in. Clover seed needs full sunlight to grow but can tolerate some shade. Hardiness Zone 3 to 4.

Step 1:
Add lime to the soil to adjust the pH level to between 6 and 6.5. Lime brings an acidic soil to a more neutral pH level that clover prefers. Rake the area to be sown if it is bare ground, or mow the grass and rake away the clippings on an existing lawn.


Step 2:
Spread the seed across the entire area to be seeded, moving in a crisscross fashion to distribute the seed as evenly as possible. Spread seeds by hand or with a mechanical broadcast spreader. Use 500g per 1,000 square feet. Scatter seeds densely and gently rake them in to a depth no more than 1/4 inch. Buy an inexpensive condiment shaker to plant on small areas.


Step 3:
Tamp the newly seeded areas down by either walking on them or using a roller. Water the area thoroughly and then every day for 10 ten days.


Step 4:
Mow the lawn at a low setting after sowing, and then again after the first clover seedlings appear to allow more light to reach them. Mow at a higher setting once the clover plants are established in your clover seed lawn.


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Micro Clover Seeding Calculator

Overseeding an Established Lawn:
50g for 1,000 square feet ◦ 250g for 5,000 square feet ◦ 500g for 10,000 square feet ◦ 2.5kg for 50,000 square feet (one acre)

Sowing Rate with No Grass (recommended):
50g for 100 square feet ◦ 250g for 500 square feet ◦ 500g for 1,000 square feet ◦ 2.5kg for 5,000 square feet

If starting a lawn from scratch use 5% Micro Clover of the total weight of the grass seed being sown. I.e. If seeding 1kg of grass, seed use 50g of Micro Clover in the mix. All rates above are recommended for machine spreading. If spreading seeds by hand, add 25% to 50% more seeds. It is wise to withhold some seeds for filling in any bald areas that appear.

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